How long is my membership valid?

Membership is valid for one fiscal year through December. Each paid-in-full membership donation provides voting membership for that year if paid before the membership deadline. Members who pay after April 30 are eligible to participate in all member activities, but are not eligible to vote until the following year.

What are the membership obligations?

Your only obligation is your $1,000 donation. We hope you also vote to select the grant recipients. And we really hope you will consider sharing your skills and talents in any of a number of ways, including evaluating grant applications, graphic design, writing and editing, media relations, data entry, technology management, planning and/or hosting events, recruiting corporate sponsors, speaking to groups about Impact100, reaching out to nonprofits, working on member relations, photography, videography, etc. We encourage you to get involved!

Can I make my membership donation with installment payments?

At this time, we are not offering installment payment plans. However, we will be offering partial scholarships. Please email and we will be happy to come up with a solution for your unique situation.

What role is there for me if I don't want to become a member or can’t make a donation of $1,000?

We welcome all donations and are thrilled when an individual, foundation, or corporation wants to help us through monetary or in-kind service donations. Although they do not provide voting rights, these donations help cover program and operating expenses that are essential to accomplishing our mission. Further, if you want to become a member but can’t make a donation of $1,000, please email for scholarship opportunities.

I want to give more than the required membership donation. Do I get more than one vote?

Although additional gifts are always welcome, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. But you can prepay your membership for subsequent years and/or sponsor others to join.

Are donations to Impact100 Atlanta tax deductible?

Impact100 Atlanta is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Depending on your tax status, contributions are tax-deductible for the year in which they were made. You will receive a donation receipt from Impact100 Atlanta that can be used for tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor.

If my employer or my spouse’s employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation?

Yes, we are 501(c)(3) and can accept matching donations. If you are able to, we recommend your company matches your full membership dues so we can use those funds to run Impact100 Atlanta.

Can I make an in-kind donation of services or products to cover my $1,000 membership donation?

No. Because we pay the grants in dollars, all membership donations must go directly to grants. However, we are happy to accept in-kind donations to offset our administrative costs.

Can anyone participate in Impact100 Atlanta?

Women and those who identify as women over the age of 18 are eligible for membership. Anyone can participate by sponsoring a woman to be an Impact100 Atlanta voting member or by donating any amount to the administrative fund. We also appreciate men participating by encouraging the women they know to become members.