Impact100 Atlanta Announces Finalists for $273,000 in Grants to Make an Impact in the Atlanta Community

Atlanta, Georgia, October 18, 2023 – Impact100 Atlanta, a local women’s collective giving nonprofit, will award three $91,000 grants this year to exceptional local nonprofit organizations to drive positive change within the Atlanta community. The organization’s collective giving model empowers women to respond to the needs of the local community in an intentional and impactful way. Impact100 members pool their resources to fund high impact grants, together making a greater change than any one woman could do alone. In 2022, Impact100 Atlanta’s inaugural year, 130 founding members funded a single high impact grant of $130,000. In 2023, the organization’s membership more than doubled to 273, funding a grant pool of $273,000 to be distributed in 3 grants of $91,000 each.

Impact100 Atlanta is excited to share the five finalists for the prestigious awards, each representing one of Impact100 Atlanta’s 5 focus areas: Arts & Culture; Education; Environment, Preservation & Recreation; Family; and Health & Wellness. These finalists were selected from among 100 applicants, based on their demonstrated commitment and capacity for changing lives in the Atlanta community through transformational, innovative, and sustainable projects. “Our finalists represent nonprofits that are dreaming big to effect positive change in Atlanta,” said Sarah Levitt, President of Impact100 Atlanta. “Through our collective giving, we aim to support these remarkable organizations and their transformative initiatives, making a lasting impact on the local community.”

The recipients of the 3 grants will be determined through a member vote at Impact100 Atlanta’s annual meeting on November 16, 2023, underscoring the organization’s commitment to supporting impactful change in the local community. Each of the five finalists will present their projects to the membership, and all 273 members will vote with the 3 grants to be awarded that evening.

The Impact100 Atlanta 2023 grant finalists are:

• Arts & Culture: Moving in the Spirit – 
Project Title: Start-up Funding for New Community Partner Program Sites and Purchase of a New Van to Transport Students

• Education: Automotive Training Center –
Project Title: Powering Change Facility Expansion: Outfitting the Site With Industry-Standard Equipment

• Environment, Preservation & Recreation: Lifecycle Building Center –
Project Title: Breaking Barriers Through Sustainable Reuse

• Family: Fully Furnished Ministries –
Project Title: Fully Fulton – Expanding Fully Furnished Ministries Operations into Fulton County Zip Codes Currently Not Served by the Ministry

• Health & Wellness: Atlanta Victim Assistance –
Project Title: Atlanta Victim Assistance’s Community Care Unit

Impact100 Atlanta is a diverse group of women committed to improving our community by collectively funding transformational grants to make a high impact and sustainable difference in Metro Atlanta. Impact100 Atlanta was founded in 2022 and joins more than 60 sister chapters worldwide in embracing the local collective giving model of Impact100. For more information about Impact100 Atlanta and its visionary mission, please visit

Sarah Levitt
President | Impact100 Atlanta