Impact100 Atlanta Awards $273,000 in Transformative Grants to 3 Local Nonprofits

Impact100 Atlanta Awards $273,000 in Transformative Grants to 3 Local Nonprofits
Atlanta, GA (November 17, 2023) – On November 16th at its second Annual Meeting, Impact100 Atlanta, the powerhouse of local women's collective giving, awarded three transformative $91,000 grants to the following nonprofit organizations in the Atlanta community: The model and mission of Impact100 Atlanta are simple – women come together, each donating $1,000, to fund transformational grants to nonprofits in their local community. 100% of each member’s donation goes directly to fund the grants.

This year, 273 members joined to fund $273,000 in high impact grants to support nonprofits in Atlanta. 100 letters of intent to apply for this year’s grants were received in five focus areas, Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Preservation & Recreation, Family, and Health & Wellness. Five grant finalists were selected through a vigorous application and vetting process by member committees. Each finalist’s project demonstrates a commitment to transformative, innovative, and sustainable initiatives that positively impact the Atlanta community. At the Annual Meeting on November 16th, the 5 grant finalists presented and the grants were awarded by membership vote. One woman, one vote – one incredible impact.

From its successful inaugural year in 2022 with 130 Founding Members and a $130,000 grant awarded to The Study Hall, Impact100 Atlanta has witnessed remarkable growth, now boasting 273 members. With the $273,000 in grants awarded this year, Impact100 Atlanta has now awarded more than $400,000 in grants to nonprofits in the Atlanta community. Impact100 Atlanta makes a positive difference in the Atlanta community, one transformational grant at a time.

"The power of collective giving was certainly witnessed tonight. We are so thrilled to have awarded $273,000 in grants to three incredible organizations this year," remarked Sarah Levitt, Founding President of Impact100 Atlanta. "We are committed to future growth in our membership to be able to award more grants each year, allow nonprofits to dream big, and contribute to positive change in our community.” 

Impact100 Atlanta Vice President/President Elect, Sherrhonda Roach, shared, “I am proud to be part of Impact100 Atlanta. The three grant awards at our Big Give is the culmination of empowered women committed to influence transformative and sustainable change with game changing grants in the Atlanta Community.“

Membership for 2024 officially kicked off at the Annual Meeting as well, with the goal of 400+ members to fund 4 high impact grants in 2024. Membership is open to all women and those identifying as women over the age of 18 who share our vision and commitment to funding transformational grants to improve lives in the Atlanta community.

Impact100 Atlanta is a diverse group of women committed to improving our community by collectively funding transformational grants to make a high impact and sustainable difference in Metro Atlanta. Impact100 Atlanta was founded in 2022 and joins more than 70 sister chapters worldwide embracing the local collective giving model of Impact100. For more information about Impact100 Atlanta, visit

Sarah Levitt
President | Impact100 Atlanta